Lorena grew up with pets all of her life, she owned a peekapoo
and a cat. She married Sid Martin on November 21, 1995. Before she became a groomer, Lorena was a grounds person with Gene Click properties in Bloomington, Indiana for 1 year and then went to Acadia, Brandon Court & Cedargate Apts in Bloomington, Indiana, for 8 1/2 years, where she first started out as grounds person then
maintenance manager, 1st at Acadia and then moved to Cedargate.

Lorena and her husband Sid, have owned a doberman pinscher,
3 rottweillers, 2 miniature pinschers, 1 toy poodle, 1 shih tzu/ peekapoo mix, 2 golden retrievers, 1 schipperke & 2 shiba inus.
So naturally her interest went to being able to groom these breeds and so much more. Lorena went to Melody Manor School of Dog Grooming in Newport, Kentucky. Kitty Pritchard was 1 of her teachers.

Joy was the main person who taught her how to do different styles of poodles. Joy owns a standard poodle in which Lorena was able to groom several times before she graduated. Rita, Linda Lou & several other groomers that were taught by Kitty Pritchard had also shown Lorena several different techniques on various breeds. She enjoys grooming all of the pets that she does. Lorena also grooms cats.
Now they can be a little tricky at times, it just depends on their mood.

For the past 9 years since she became a groomer.
She does all of her grooming in the new grooming building that her husband Sid, built for her. Come by and she will gladly show it to
you and show you all the equipment that she uses to take care of your precious little pet or pets.

Lorena's Biography


Grooming Hours:

Tues. - Sat.  9:00am - 6:00pm

Drop off no later than 4:00pm

No Grooming done on Sun. or Mon.